The Unusual Rolex Stella dial


The Day-Date and DateJust models have long been archetypal watches of Rolex. Both are held with high regard in and out of the watch world and share a reputation for their serious character, no doubt a reputation brought on by their practical functionalities and firm designs (the Day-Date is even unofficially nicknamed The President for its popularity amongst world leaders). As a result of it’s formal appearance, it takes many by surprise when they come across the Stella dials that were produced on Rolex Day-Date and DateJust watches in the 1970s.


The lacquered enamel dials appeared in ultra-bright colours like yellow, red, pink, orange and blue to name but a few and resulted in a watch that looked totally different to what you would expect from a Rolex. The brilliantly bright and striking colours reflected the whimsicality of the 1970s and clashed with the conventional archetypal dials that had been produced on the models up till then.

The production of the Stella dials didn’t last long though, as they weren’t received with much popularity at the time. However, in recent years these dials have been resurfacing on the second hand watch market, finding popularity amongst a particular few who appreciate something unusual in a Rolex and who enjoy the rich bold colours. We have two Rolex Lady DateJust watches with Stella dials in stock at the moment, with beautiful factory set dials and bezels. For more snaps of other stunning Stella dials take a look at the collection of images below.

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