A Look At Some of The Exciting New Rolex Designs Released At Basel 2019

Sports Collection

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  1. The GMT-Master II sports watch was unveiled at Basel on a Jubilee bracelet. Classically the GMT-Master has only been offered on an Oyster bracelet, which has been a staple of Rolex’s sports collection. However since Basel 2018 saw the unveiling of the “Pepsi” aka Red/Blue bezel GMT-Master II on a Jubilee bracelet, it comes as no surprise that Rolex decided to follow in the foot steps for the “Batman” Blue/Black GMT-Master. No doubt this model will be very popular on the market like its “Pepsi” predecessor.
  2. Another update to the sports line at Basel 2019 was the Sea-Dweller, which in contrast received a rather drastic update next to its sibling GMT-Master II from the sports collection. Since first becoming available on the market in 1971 the Sea-Dweller has only been made in Stainless Steel. This year the model enters a league of watches in Rolex history which have been made in Stainless Steel & 18k Yellow Gold; the combination, known and trademarked as “Rolesor” by the company in 1933, is a hallmark of the Oyster collection. While the original Stainless Steel Sea-Dweller always looked very similar to the Stainless Steel Submariner, what distinguished them was that only the Subamriner was available in Rolesor. Now many will find the two models too similar. Some will also argue this is a feat of fashion rather than practically, since the model, originally made to function as the perfect diving watch, was purposefully lightweight for a swimmers wrist in Stainless Steel.
  3.  Our favourite is perhaps the GMT-Master II that was released with a stunning new Meteorite dial. While a Meteorite dial has featured on a Rolex Daytona model in the past, it is certainly novel to see it on a more mainstream sports model like the GMT-Master II and has our approval here at Watch Collectors.

The Day-Date 36

Rolex also introduced the new generation of the Day-Date 36 model whose origins date back to 1956. The new Day-Date 36 features an improved calibre 3255 movement designed and developed in-house by Rolex with novel dial designs. Take a look below to see a selection of the new watches available.

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