Cartier reinvigorate classics at this year’s SIHH

Cartier Panthère

SIHH 2019

In their own words, this year Cartier are "reactivating" the creative design behind the Panthère watch.
They are doing so with the launch of two new versions of the classic watch: the manchette watch and the
 mini watch (both pictured below, respectively). As Cartier have clarified, the Panthère de Cartier is
an "ever-evolving idea", so it was no surprise that they chose to perpetuate its legacy by redefining
its look.
This year the panthère watch has been "reimagined through jewellery". The result? ... A jewellery watch
resemblant of a cuff: the Manchette. Additionally, the Panthère watch has been reimagined in a new mini
size and covered in diamonds, staying true to its classification as an "ultra-feminine icon" by Cartier.


cartier goes back in time to reinvent classics at this year's SIHH

03 EP1 sihh 2019
 The Cartier Panthère mini watch
The Cartier Manchette watch


Baignoire Collection

SIHH 2019

Additioanlly, the Baignoire watch has been reimagined. The classic oval shape watch has been redefined
 with new proportions to now stretch over the wrist. According to Cartier the watch is an embodiment of
"chic and excess".

Santos de Cartier

SIHH 2019

The watch was originally inspired by the Brazillian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont (note the homage via
the sky background in the above picture) in 1904. The new model stays true to the original 1904 design,
and unlike the 2018 interchangeable leather strap/bracelet model, is fitted to an alligator leather strap
and bears the key signatures of the original: the Roman numerals, screws on the bezel and a winding bezel
fit with a blue cabochon, without a crown guard. It is available in gold, steel and steel and gold.

Cartier Tank Chinoise Red

SIHH 2019

The Tank Chinoise Red is a reimagining of the staple 1921 Tank Chinoise. This vintage watch was iconic
for it's lugs which were specifically designed to mimic the architecture of Chinese temples. The new
SIHH 2019 watch has elongated the white gold case, replacing the original square case with a rectangle
one. Two lintels of red rubies have been set at the top and bottom of the case and are framed by black
enamel, in order to emphasis the Chinese reference of the case. The case side of the bezel is set with
164 brilliant-cut diamonds. There will only be 100 pieces made.

Cartier Tank Diagonale

SIHH 2019 - Cartier Libre Jewelry collection - 4

Cartier have also released a completely new watch at SIHH 2019, called the Tank Diagonale. Though the
art deco style is reminiscent of Cartier's past aesthetics. Like the Tank Chinoise Red the watch is
powered by a quartz movement. The geometric shape of the watch is balanced with red and black enamel
and 70 diamonds on the case and shoulders, making it ultra feminine and modern.


06 EP1 sihh 2019

There is also a new look for the iconic Panthère bracelet / wrist watch.