Patek Philippe 2018: New Watches at Basel World

Below are a list of just some of the new watches Patek Philippe have introduced to their 2018 collection, which were premiered at Baselworld last week.

1. Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740/1G

Patek Philippe have added a nautilus with a perpetual calendar to their collection, making this the first grand complication in the Nautilus collection.

2. Aquanaut 5968A

They also released the first aquanaut with a chronograph.

3. Aquanaut Ladies 5067A

A new colour was introduced for the Aquanaut Luce which first launched in 2004, termed the “sporty chic” watch by Patek Philippe.


4. Golden Ellipse 5738R

For its 50th birthday Patek Philippe is releasing the Golden Ellipse in Rose Gold. The model was initially launched in 1968 in a Yellow Gold case, then in 2008 for its 40th anniversary Patek Philippe released it in Platinum.

5. Grand Complications 5531R

This watch combines two complications for the first time on this Patek Philippe beauty: The Minute Repeater and World Time Display. It is the first minute repeater which strikes local time everywhere and was originally launched in 2017 as a limited edition, but it now joins Patek Philippe’s current collection.

6. Grand Complications 5270/1R

Since 2015 the Rose Gold Ref. 5270 has been sold on a brown alligator strap, now Patek Philippe are releasing it on an exclusive “Goutte” Rose Gold strap which seamlessly blends in with the case and compliments the overall look of the watch.

7. Grand Complications 5270P

The 5270P is now available in Platinum, following the Rose Gold release in 2015 and the White Gold release in 2011.

8. Grand Complications 5208R

First launched in 2011, the 5280R is now available in Rose Gold. Known as the “Triple Complication” for being the only Patek Philippe watch which combines a minute repeater, a chronograph and a perpetual calendar with aperture displays.

9. Grand Complications 5207G

First launched in 2008, the 5207 is now available in White Gold with a blue sunburst dial. It is the only current watch in the Patek Philippe collection with a minute repeater, tourbillon and perpetual calendar with aperture displays combined in one watch.

10. Complications 5205G

A new blue dial has been introduced for the White Gold 5205G model.

11. Complications 7150/250R

A new face has been designed for this ladies Chronograph Complication.

12. Complications 7234R & 5524R-001

Lastly the first self-winding Travel Time in a ladies wristwatch was introduced. This ladies watch is being released in two sizes: 37.5mm and 42mm.