The many faces of Moonphase Watches

A brief compilation and look at some of the differing faces of moon phase sub-dials.

Moon phase sub-dials differ in design and appearance on many watches, not only throughout different brands but also within the same brands; a brilliant example would be to look at the exquisite Patek Philippe examples below which show a range of different moon phase designs within the brand. Generally, most people purchasing a new watch pay attention to the material of a watch, the colour of the dial and its features, of course for good reason, but few take the time to truly appreciate the aesthetic differences of the moon phase sub-dials. These sub-dials can greatly shape the overall appearance of a watch as a final product, either adding to or detracting from ones fondness of the dial. Of course each sub-dial, a work of art in its own appearance, represents something greater: a beautiful and intricate mechanism operating beneath, and understanding this also lends more beauty to one’s appreciation of the sub-dial.

Patek Philippe

1. Perpetual Calendar 3940J 18k Yellow Gold                                                      2.  5270G Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 18K White Gold


3. Rare 3970/002 Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chrono                    4. Very Rare 3971 Perpetual Calendar Chrono


5. Perpetual Calendar 5139G-001 18K White Gold                                                           6. Annual Calendar 4937G 18K White Gold


A. Lange & Sohne
Saxonia Moonphase 384.026 18K White Gold

Gérald Genta
Perpetual Calendar G9170.4 18K Yellow Diamond

Cartier Tank
Americaine Moon Phase 18K Yellow Gold

Audemars Piguet

Quantieme Perpetual Calendar Platinum                               Edward Piguet 18k Rose Gold


Moonphase Chronograph 18K Yellow Gold

Senator Panorama Date Moon Phase 18K Rose Gold