The James Bond of Tennis? Rolex Brand Ambassador: Roger Federer

                       “This watch is particularly important to me.
When i look at it, i
remember that day very vividly […]
Every time i put on my Rolex, it reminds me of those great moments”.

Image result for Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR (Batman) roger federer
 Federer wearing his Rolex GMT-MASTER II (BLNR – ‘Batman’).

The 18-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer holds the record for having the
most singles titles in the history of male tennis players, and though he is currently
ranked No.10 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals, he once held
the No. 1 spot for 302 weeks. But let’s put sports aside…

Image result for Rolex ad roger federerImage result for Rolex ad roger federer

                                             Two of Federer’s Rolex campaigns.

We’re here to talk about how Federer’s definitive style and success isn’t  just a trademark
he carries onto the court. Since becoming a brand ambassador for Rolex the tennis
star has displayed some serious Rolex wrist style both on the court and in his daily life.

               Image result for roger federer rolex date just II

                                                   Federer wearing an Oyster Perpetual Date Just II.

Image result for Rolex Milgauss roger federer

                                Federer wearing his Rolex Milgauss.

Federer has been an ambassador for Rolex since 2006 when the watch brand signed
him in a reported £10 million deal – but we suspect the price may have risen since
then. With Federer’s title-winning skills drawing in a large audience via broadcast-
ing, it’s no surprise Rolex sought out Federer’s endorsement.

Image result for roger federer rolex skydweller
         Federer at a press conference with his Rolex Sky-Dweller on.

Ever since the tennis star has almost always appeared on the court sporting a different
Rolex on his wrist. No doubt, out of all of his appearances the most powerful ones are
where Federer appears on court after a victorious match, trophy in hand, with a Rolex
on his wrist on full display for the cameras. These shots make great advertisements for
Rolex and the brand even went so far as to use one of these images for an official Rolex
campaign, pictured below.

                                   Image result for roger federer rolex ad
                                   Federer wearing a Rolex Day-Date II.

Despite all the pictures and deals, Federer’s connection with Rolex and his Rolex
watch is in fact much deeper. Speaking to Rolex about his Oyster Perpetual DateJust
II – as revealed on the Rolex website – Federer confessed “this watch is particularly
important to me. When I look at it, I remember that day very vividly… Every time
I put on my Rolex, it reminds me of those great moments. It also reminds me
that if you do not work hard, somebody else will, and they eventually will pass you”.

                   Image result for Rolex daytona roger federer
Federer wearing his Rolex Daytona after a win.