Conor McGregor’s match with Floyd Mayweather could mean an addition to his watch collection

Whether you are familiar with the UFC or not, Conor McGregor is undoubtedly a name
that you will have heard of by now. Since signing with the UFC in 2013 the 28-year-old
Irish MMA fighter has established one of the biggest names in the fight industry and made
the most legendary progress the establishment has ever seen.

Image result for conor mcgregor Rolex Day-Date 18k Yellow Gold (Baguette Dial)

                                                                  Conor’s Rolex Day-Date 18k Yellow Gold (Baguette Dial)

Not only has he impressively become the first man in UFC history to hold two titles con-
currently (Featherweight Champion and Lightweight Champion), but he also holds the
record for the fastest victory in UFC title fight history (famously knocking out opponent
José Aldo in 13 seconds for the Featherweight Championship in 2015).

                     Image result for conor mcgregor rolex

                                                                                   Conor’s Rolex Day-Date 60th Anniversary – Green Dial

With all his well-earned success McGregor has made sure to reward himself in a way which
we very much approve of here at Watch Collectors: by investing in a watch collection. As
the fighter explained, since he purchases a watch after winning a match, he sees them as
a sort of medal for his victories:

“Watches have always been something that just appeal to me. There’s something
about having a really nice, quality watch on your wrist. Especially on my left wrist.
When I feel the weight of it, I feel like…it takes you back to the caveman days, when
you’d kill an animal and you would take something and put it around your neck as a
symbol of what we have done. ‘We have conquered this.’ When I have won a big
fight and collect a big check, I’ll purchase a beautiful watch and I’ll put it on my
left hand. My left hand that I have cracked on my opponent”.

                          Image result for conor mcgregor Patek Philippe gq

                                                                   Conor for GQ wearing his Patek Philippe Nautilus Steel & Gold 5980/1AR-001

Since the star’s collection seems to grow in proportion to his victories and success, we can’t
wait to see what a potential victory against Floyd Mayweather on August 26th could mean
for his watch collection.