Rolex Celebrate Cinema History at the Oscars with A Touching Advert

Watch the Clip Below:

At this years 2017 Oscars Rolex honoured cinema history in a very special and powerful
way. The watch powerhouse previewed a new and very effective 60-second advertism-
ent at the Awards Show. The clip features the likes of Marlon Brando, Jim Carrey and
Harrison Ford – to name a few – in legendary cinematic moments with a Rolex, of course,
on their wrists.

What the video achieves is pretty extraordinary: not only is it one of the most engaging
adverts we have seen in a while – it will leave you with chills and a nostalgia for the great
cinematic feats of the past – but by the end you realise that throughout all the epic cinema
moments Rolex have been there. As the clip concludes: “it doesn’t just tell time, it tells his-
tory” – and what that does for the brand’s image is pretty unbeatable.

Indeed, the advert functions to remind viewers that Rolex have retained their status throu-
ghout the years and created a legacy for themselves. So it’s no coincidence that Rolex shows
a 1950s Marlon Brando alongside Harrison Ford and Owen Wilson; by placing these actors
along side each other, each of whom were stars in their own decades, Rolex is essentially
showing its viewers that a Rolex watch truly transcends time and is for both the older and
younger generations.

Likewise, the inclusion of multiple film genres and the mix of different locations in each film,
from the wilderness, to the ocean and hotel rooms, highlights that a Rolex watch is fit for
anywhere and everywhere – being truly universal and continuously relevant.