Most Iconic Rolex Watch

The Rolex Submariner is an iconic timepiece, dating back to the early 1950’s when it was first produced. The first of many waterproof watches, with a depth of 100 metres. The perfect divers watch was recognised. The original reference of the submariner which came in stainless steel was 6204, featuring the original black dial and black insert.

It is known everywhere as the diver’s watch today and is one of Rolex’s most iconic watches. Today it comes in various colours and metals including the steel and gold oyster bracelet which features a black dial andd bezel or the blue dial and bezel, as well as the 18k yellow gold featuring both a black dial and bezel or the blue dial and bezel. The newest metal which the Submariner comes in is the 18k white gold featuring a blue dial and bezel, released in 2008. You can also find Rolex Submariner watches in steel and gold with unique diamond dials also known as the Serti dial which comes in silver or gold colour. Other variations of the Submariner include the 50th anniversary Edition which comes in stainless steel with a green insert and a black dial reference 16610LV. Similar variations of the Submariner which are more recent trends, include the ‘hulk’ which features a stainless steel Submariner with a ceramic green insert on the bezel and a green dial, with a reference of 116610LV.

Throughout the history of Rolex Submariner’s, there have been many changes and new models of the Submariner which today, are highly desirable by Rolex lover’s and many more. The one thing about our favourite model that has changed dramatically, is the retail value of the Rolex Submariner. The retail price today, of the new ceramic stainless steel Submariner reference 116610LN is £5,700, well above five times the original retail price of the original Rolex Submariner from 1953, which today is a collector’s item. Even from the early nineties models, the retail value has more than doubled meaning, the second hand price for any Rolex Submariner is only to go up with it. A Rolex watch is a great choice for investment, especially one that has gone through so many changes through the years, and is continuing to do so, along with its yearly price increases.

A fashionable timepiece to wear, as well as knowing you won’t lose money over time when buying at a second hand price, is a great feeling. You have the option of choosing which Rolex Submariner suits you from one of the original looking stainless steel Submariners to the more lavish looking 18 carat Submariners, even those that have some colour. At Watch Collectors we have a range of Second hand / Pre-owned Rolex Submariners for everyone, and if you don’t find the one you are looking for, we can always source one for you in a short time.

Reasons to buy a Rolex Submariner is that its one of the most Iconic Rolex watches that you can buy and combined with a sensable Pre-owned / used price, you can never go wrong and the resale value of a Rolex Submariner is always goind up.

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