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Rolex Watches

We buy, sell & part-exchange genuine used & preowned Rolex watches. All our Rolex watches are covered under our 12 Months Warranty. Why Buy second hand watches? Simply because you are getting the same watch and service as buying from the new retailer however for a fraction of the price. Our discounts compared to the new list price reach over 60%.
Rolex is a well renowned name and buying a pre-owned Rolex watch is like saving money in the bank. A Rolex watch is for sure, one of the most impressive gifts one can give to their loved ones, but it doesn't stop there, most people associate a Rolex watch with success and almost as a measure of their journey in life, the more successful they are the better the watch they treat themselves with. At Watch Collectors, we have a huge range of Rolex watches on our website. Rolex watches are by far our best sellers and the sooner you buy the cheaper it is as the list price keeps rising frequently and the second hand market rises relatively with it. We don't only sell Rolex but we also buy & collect as we are firm believers of this brand. Rolex has a track of over a century has proven it self through out. So whether you are buying your first watch or if you are a collector. If a good investment is what you are after then you can never go wrong with buying a second hand Rolex watch.